Something has gone wrong


Hi guys,
I’ve been trying to use the Revolut up in the last days but I can’t do anything. Every time I get the message “something has gone wrong”. I’m trying to speak with a live agent, but no answer since yesterday.
Can anyone help? I find pretty annoying that I cannot have support from the team because no one is answering me.
Thank you really much.



I am having the same problem with app can someone respond to this please. I’m due to go on holiday in 2 days and it is worrying that I can’t access the app!!

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Revolut are you going to respond to this query at all???

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I have the same problem. I have submitted a complaint as it is the only way I can find to contact this outfit. For a company that calls itself a bank it should be ashamed. I will be closing my account - assuming of course I can log in and get my money out! Imagine if a real bank behaved like this - they’d go bust in weeks!

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