Someone is using my revolut card that I ordered, nobody is answering me on my app after hour waiting.


So. The 31 May I ordered a card that I never received anyway after few weeks I lost my phone so I got a new phone and ask your company to send me a new card and try to synchronize my two count together. After a week of waiting they dit it HOURA ! I asked aswell to send me a new card at my new address but they send it in my last address. Anyway after few feedback of your company I was like let’s wait until today I saw that someone using a card that a never heard about maybe the first-second delivery ? Who knows ! It’s not like you having a good customer service and let know people when they gunna receive the card. After hour waiting today and I didn’t want that someone I do not know use all my money, hardly earned. I had to transfer all my money. Hopefully only one transaction went through but after seeing how hard is to be in contact with you even if my money is stolen for me. Apparently not big deal.