Somebody Team can Help Me....

I have Problem with my Account… during 3 months…
Nobody Help Me…

What’s the problem you are having?

Hello I use iPhone and I reinstall App… But I lost My pass code and I destroy My Recharge code so How I can connect again to my account Bank Revolut ???

Tell me the process… Thanks

lionel3, your previous requests for help look to have been responded to by support.
Both @JessicaZ and @AndreasK have tried to contact you.

Yes but No result…

If they cannot help then unfortunately there would be little i could do.
Is there any reason they have not been successful ?

Hey! Could you please drop me a direct message?

Yes How ? what you mail?

You click on Andreas name then select message

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Hi I need help with my app. It has logged me out and I can’t get back in. I’m on holidays and need it back today

Hi, i also need help but i can’t write a topic or DM you? Why not? Warm Regards.

You need to make contact via the in app chat function, Facebook or Twitter

Aha, so there’s a Revolut community app and there i can send DM AndreasK?

Hi good morning
Can u help me i have problem about my number banned and i cant apply for the revolut.

Hello can I get a confirmed account for a tourist visa to Europe?