Some positive comments about Revolut

Disclaimer: This is not a promotional post. Revolut or any other party has not approached me to give feedback. These are all totally my personal experiences and comments.

We all like Revolut for their idea, features and options. I don’t disagree that there is still room for further improvements.

I tried all other neo banks including Monzo, N26, Chime, Varo, etc. Though each has its own strengths, they seem to be targeting different customers.
Monzo - tries to capitalize its popularity in UK. Their customer service is more pleasant and quicker. But their app development in US painfully slow.
N26 - they put some attractive features to US customers - early direct deposit, unlimited free ATM withdrawals through Allpoint networks and 2 additional free withdrawals for outside the network as icing on the cake. But funds transfer in and out of the app are not easy and longer. Their app is not as slick as Revolut’s.
Chime - just mimics main street banks with app based banking. No bells and whistles. They also seem be to having a lot of bad publicity.
Varo - new kid on the block. Long way to go .

I never felt switching from my old main street bank to any other neo bank until I came across Revolut. After switching to Revolut never regretted much except when my payments got stuck under review. As a personal opinion, I continue with Revolut because of the following benefits:

  1. Instant notifications - I know other banks offer it. But most of them send you a just a text notifications.
  2. Real time balance - this is an important feature that helps me to know how much I can safely spend anytime
  3. Top up - I was thrilled to use this feature when I started my banking with Revolut. Monzo restricts this feature with only one debit card. Now with the option introduction by Revolut, any topping up through ApplePay opens a multiple options to top up.
  4. Virtual card - I used to fear that if my debit card was hacked, I would be losing all my funds in my bank account. This forced me to use credit card. But now I don’t need to worry about it as I can use disposable virtual debit cards from Revolut.
  5. International Transfers - This comes very convenient to send money outside US within a day. I know Transferwise is good at it. But they charge a small fee and exchange rate is slightly lower in comparison to Revolut.
  6. Regular updates to app - I am amazed to see how frequently the app is getting updated- not just back end but also front end with added features. I look forward to pockets, subscriptions, saving vaults and metal subscription.
  7. Early credit to salary deposit - I know other banks offer it as well. This was the first motivating factor to change my banking to Revolut initially one year back. I use to have regular issues of my salary deposit getting blocked from few hours to 2 days. Then I lodged a formal complaint. It took a couple of months to resolve this matter. Now Revolut is my main bank where I receive my salary and spend for all my expenses.
  8. Faster direct debit transactions - most of the US bank take 3 days to complete a direct debit transfer. This may lead to a false balance amount. I incurred an overdraft fee a couple of times when I set up auto payment with my service providers. But with Revolut, the money is deducted the very next day after I set up direct debit with my service provider. On the third day, Revolut confirms that the money has been credit to the service provider. This way, I know how much money is left to spend.

If Revolut can focus more on their app stability and customer service, there is no competitor that comes close to Revolut.


revolut blocked my account from more than 3 weeks they asked me to give income of the founds and source of my job invoice i have all posted to them in chat and from 3 weeks they dont answer so they steal my money more than 500 pounds

It is frustrating to go this review process. You can try to complain through the following form:

and you mean i need to wait how long first time they blocked my account on 14.06.2020 i provided all they asked proof of income proof of my work proof of my self employed tax return and nobody answer to me contact number revolut dont have its this a bank or scamm company ???

A welcomed review of your experience with your Revolut account. :writing_hand::+1:

I have never really experienced any bugs with my experience. Who knows haha. I do agree customer service could improve to even have a dedicated phone number for metal users, but that’s for another topic.

Couple of questions if I may? :face_with_monocle:

  1. How long have you used Revolut?
  2. And just to be 100% clear, have you fully moved to Revolut?
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Are you able to carry out any transaction at all? When my account was under review, I could transfer funds in and out.

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Yup. Revolut is my main bank for all spending. I don’t keep any savings here. I transfer and save the funds in another bank. So in case of any issue with Revolut. I have a fully functional back up bank.
Once my card transaction didn’t go through when I was at a store 2 months back as Revolut had some system issue. I had to use this alternate bank to complete my transaction.
My water bill is paid through bill payment provided by the alters bank as it needs to be paid by check.

Once Revolut introduces savings vault, I may consider keeping my savings with Revolut depending on the interest rate offered.

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Thanks for responding. :writing_hand:

Sounds quite similar to my setup until Revolut officially becomes a bank in the UK as only then, will I throw my entire salary into them.

Revolut does offer saving vaults at a rate of 0.8% AER at the time of writing, but its only available to premium and metal users and those vaults are covered under the FSCS. :+1:

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I know it is in our back of my mind what I will do if Revolut blocks our funds or account, after reading so many complaints and negative posts. In spite of all the downside, I opted to go with Revolut as there is no other alternate app or bank that comes close to Revolut. But at the same time, I keep an alternate bank when Revolut goes down.

The savings vaults are yet to be introduced here in Us


My apologises. :pray:
I didn’t realise you were residing in the US. I’m sure it’ll arrive sooner than later as Revolut is usually fast to get things moving.

In regards to blocking accounts, there is certainly a lot of concern for these accounts. As long as you read what you’re allowed to do via the t&c, you really shouldn’t have any worries. :+1:


Revolut is a disgrace.

It is now July the 5th I made a transfer in mid April which has yet to arrive.

I no longer have the smartphone so now longer have access to the App, therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE to communicate with them.

Furthermore, a friend deposited £700 on my card today in order to buy an air ticket, but when I went to pay, it requested that I confirm through the App which I no longer have, NOR, when I try to reinstall on a new phone, can be installed due to my email already having been used.

So I am currently almost 1000 GBP down to Revolut.
An official complaint has been made but even still, they are sazing they might get back in touch in TWO WEEKS!!!

How much extra will the airfare cost in two weeks? £500???

It has been one of the greatest mistakes of my life signing up for Revolut.

Absolute zero customer support.

There has yet to be one company which survives the initial flourish without dedicated customer support.

My suggestion to everyone using Revolut is to get your money out whilst you still can.


Happend to me Block acount and i read this. Atention!!!


What I don’t get is people jumping of a cliff with nothing but a silk handkerchief to break their fall…
Both I and my wife have opened :r: accounts. In both cases only a small initial fund was made until we were certain that the account performed as expected so the financial risk was minimal. The accounts performed well from the off so more funds were committed.
I have no issues with :r: - it does what says on the tin :heart:


Thanks for sharing this blog post. Really amazed to read how humongous the money laundering industry is!! No wonder Revolut is under tremendous pressure to stop any activity that might have the slightest inkling discrepancy. But what is not clear how the banking industry doesn’t have such a stringent verification system and makes it extremely easy for the customers. Is it possible that the banks have much more experience and longer history of transactions data???

The only way to use Revolut reasonable is over the app. A smartphone is mandatory. If you don’t have one you shouldn’t even use Revolut in the first place.

Well yeah. Why did you even allow that when you do not have access to your account without a smartphone?

It’s not Revolut’s fault when you mess up.


Since Revolut is a mobile only bank, we need to be aware of the fact that the account can not be accessed without a mobile phone.
When your own transfer of April is still in the process, it doesn’t make sense that you had your friend send more money.
Wondering how your friend managed to deposit the money in your account.
When you try to log in, Revolut normally asks you to enter your mobile phone no. to which a verification code is sent. Not sure why it says your email has already been used.
May be something I am missing here.

The app works on tablets as well. And Android emulators on desktops can be a backup, they worked in the past. But access to the SIM card (text messages) is critical.

Third parties can make transfers to an account without the account owner being able to log in.

I don’t disagree with your point.

To be clear, I am not trying to go on a personal attack on anyone. Just trying to understand how it all started.

When my friend wants to transfer such a big amount, he would check with me on the account details and if he can arrange the transfer to that particular account.

When I already have problems with getting access to Revolut account, I would not advise him to send it to Revolut. Instead to a different bank account to which I have access and use it regularly.


I think @James55 simply just thought that he can top up his account and continue using his card even if he has no access to the app. And basically it worked, only that Revolut’s 3DS authentication method requires to have access to the app too (some other providers use e.g. a separate webpage + text message codes), so he couldn’t finish his online payment.

I think he still can use his card to pay at POS terminals or withdraw cash via ATM, so he has access to his money despite having no app installed. He only can’t do online payments.

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