Some of the APP text is too small to read


Some writing on the APP is too small and I’m not able to read it. I run a Fairphone2 Android.

It is strange that some seems fine but some is too small.

How can I increase the screen text of some not all. See screen capture where currency and value is ok but I can’t read the balance, exchange or what the drop down says.


Hi @gilesgooding,

Thank you for sending us a screenshot of what you see. The relevant team will take a look at it and try to solve it as soon as they can.


Andreas K.


Hi AndreasK,

Just want to add that the in app support is also unusable, IE. not working. Had to use my work phone (SG6) to contact support.

Also using Fairphone2.

Many thanks


Hello @seggers,

Our tech team is trying hard to find a solution to this problem. This issue appears only Fairphone2.

We’ll keep you posted.