Some of my transactions have been reverted.


I started seeing transactions being reverted for no apparent reason. Most transactions are after my recent travel to London and I bought some items from duty-free or tea houses. And now I’m seeing these transactions being reverted.


Hello, what do you mean by reverted ? You bought goods and the transaction are now reimbursed in your account?


I’ve had a transaction reverted recently too. Apparently one of the merchant card acquirers in the UK had an issue recently and erroneously reverted some transactions instead of completing them.

I expect things will catch up and they will be debited again shortly


Hello Artiom,

What happened so far with your problem? Did you receive any notifications from the merchant or got debted by revolut?

Many thanks for your attention!



I’ve had about 5 reverted back into my account including a cash point withdrawal. I’m guessing they’ll get it back at some point


I have several notifications since I came back from Japan about some transactions made in some shops which were canceled and the amount was reverted in my account. The most incredible is a cash withdrawal was just cancelled and the amount is recredited ! What 's happening ?


Same for me and some transactions just “disapeared” (I received notifications but they disapeared afterwards)


Any updates on this topic? It also happened to me here in Vancouver with at least 5 or 6 payments plus cash withdrawal and the money was credited into my account (?!). Another thing is some of my recent payments are still pending for more than 10 days.


@ncaeiro Probably a problem with the payment processor. Ever tried to ask in the livechat or on twitter? You sadly can’t expect an answere here on the forum



I am having the same issue. I had funds reverted after eating at a restaurant.

Do we know why this is happening?

Does the restaurant have my card details still and they will at some point charge me?


This has also just happened to me with a bunch of payments made in Canada. Are these transactions likely to debited again?


Same happened to me when in vacation in USA. Many reverted payments and the money back to my account.
After a reverted payment in Walmart, the credit card wasn’t accepted anymore.
What’s going on? What should we do?


Same issue for me in the US. About six or seven transactions reverted, the selection seems quite random, no apparent pattern. A bit worrying. Will be interested to see the explanation for this, if we ever find out…


Hi everyone, i got the same problem after confirmation and finalized payement of a flight booking for Virgin Australia airline. It was on Aug 13th, today I got the message on the app that it has been reverted and the money has been added back on my account. I still have the flight booked though, no message from the airline company (a few days before I booked another flight and the payment has been immediate). Any tips? Should I worry they might deny me the booking later (don’t know if it’s even possible)? I was counting on the card as I was likely to use it for holiday in Aus, but seeing all the comments from people whose card stopped working is worring me a lot…


The same is happening to me on a travel I’m booking to the USA. It’s not reassuring to see that none of you claim to have the issue fixed after all of this time. I beg you please give me an update! I don’t want to lose all bookings I’ve made so far!


it happened to me too. The shop confirmed that the payment did go through. But the payment is still reverted. Support is not answering.


I have also had transactions reverted after returning from vacation is the US! What’s happening??


Got an answer from CS on chat


I have the same problem in Chin. What can we do?


Do you have any news?