Some more options for statements

I think it will be great if you can add some more options for card statements like:
-same options for PDF and Excel (cvs) - currently PDF can only be print, and Excel - only send by email
-options to save statements to device or cloud
-option to include transactions notes to a statements
-option for statement for a specific date or transaction only - for a case when someone ask for a card statement for a specific transaction


Also include the new unique account numbers on GBP statements (and the € and $ ones too when available)


Definitely need the option to add more info to each entry. For example I generally only carry a GBP balance so really need the original currency cost and conversion rate. Adding any available comments would be icing on the cake!

Agree with the options for more formats and locations to save.

For the benefit of others, the csv’s are available on the local device - they save into a Revolut directory in local storage before attaching to email.

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@revolut , please make statements look like actual statements that can be lawfully used! The current design of statements is totally useless when incoming and outgoing bank transfers are concerned!

The statement only shows the received/sent amount with the “To: Person/Company” or “From: Person/Company” description field.

What about sender’s/recipient’s IBAN, BIC code and the reference field? Do you guys really think anyone can use these statements as a legal proof of anything?


I was looking for this idea. Need ! Need ! Need !
I take some time to put information on my transactions, I don’t want this information to be lost / remain in the Revolut app, I want it on my pdf that I will archive and quickly read later.


Any news about improving statements?

IBANs from senders of incoming transfers is something even some German banks don’t show on statements. Some do, some don’t.

I agree that reference fields should be printed on the statement. As well as account details for outgoing transfers.


Apart from the more official look of the statements, I would also appreciate if filters could be used.

For example if I want to see only my groceries related spendings. Or for paying tuition fees. Or paying for my monthly rent. Etc. Or even if I wish to see only the pop-ups or incoming transactions…

Currently, statements also show even what I put in my vaults. And definitely this info I wouldn’t want to share with anyone.