Some currencies preventing rates from showing


I noticed another strange behaviour related to currency rates: whenever the Vietnamese Dong (VND) is in the list of rates, it prevents all the other rates from refreshing and/or showing-up at all…

Here are some screenshots:

With VND in the list, the “Updated at hh:mm, …” note never shows up.

As soon as the VND is removed from the list, within seconds other currency rates will display.

This has worked in the past, so I believe it may be related to something happening on Revolut’s side… Maybe the rate for VND is not available on your backend?

@AndreasK is that something you can look into?


The same has been true for GGP, JEP and IMP for many months now. Admittedly not important as they are 1:1 pegged but still an unsolved bug. Although VND works fine on my phone.