Some Bank details from my Revolut... to be used in UK

I would like to receive my salary directly on my revolut gbp account.

For that purpose, I would need the following information.
Bank or Building Society Name:
Branch Name:
Branch Sorting Code:
Bank Account Number:
Building Society Roll Account Number:

I have found the Branch Sorting Code and the Bank Account Code in my Revolut app.
Where can I obtain all the other details?

Thank you,

Hi there. Have you tried to reach out our in-app support team so that we can help?

I found that you can enter your sort code here and get the bank details:

@RevolutStaff team: Perhaps those details should be displayed in the app itself when the user chooses to display bank details? This often is required info when you want to receive payments from within the UK.

I am in Saudi now and need those information too to get salary on revolut, did you find it somewhere?

Thank you

There are a couple of places where you can find the information…

  • Tap the user icon top left of the screen to see Account Details

  • Select the currency symbol

  • Print a statement

Each will provide the information you require.