[SOLVED] Verification Process Stuck ?


I have a problem with the verification process. I’m waiting now for almost 48 hours, but nothing seems to happen.
I have already sent the documents that needed and I still waiting.
I have already sent a message in chat from yesterday but to no avail.
I tried to log out and log in back, but that didn’t help also.

Please review the documents. Don’t keep the customers without feedback. It’s not good for business.

Best Regards.


It usually means that one of the pictures of the documents isn’t readable and cannot get verified. You have to talk to support :slight_smile: They can also be reached on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp


Thanks for the reply @c0stin.
I know about the unreadable state in Verification. It’s the 3rd time I send the documents, and I did it manually (not through the in-app automatic procedure) as they asked.
I talked to support (via chat) for the second time today. A Bot answered. I’m waiting for the results.


I hope it works out! :smiley: You can always type “Live agent” into the in-app support chat if you want to be transferred from the bot. I also recommend contacting them on social media if it takes too long to get an answer in-app.


Josep from in-app chat support just solved the problem. :thumbsup: