[SOLVED] Unrecognized 50£ payment to TFL - card compromised?

Hello, I’m writing on behalf of my girlfriend who is at work currently.
On may 29, she found a 50£ payment to TFL executed at 01:55AM . At that time she was sleeping.
5 days before she topped up her oyster card with 30£ through the TFL app, but this time the TFL app showed no trace of a top up.
When going to work, she noticed that her oyster card did not get topped up.
She didn’t use her Revolut card as a contactless payment mean in the tube or in buses recently.

So, it’s definitively not the TFL app deciding to top up using the saved card details, nor some kind of “late payment”.

She wrote in the chat on May 29 evening, requested an human but no answer. We tried again yesterday evening, same result. If someone from Revolut can DM me (@anon33247966 ?) I can provide a screenshot and her details.

In the mean time, she disabled the mag stripe and enabled Location-based security.


What about the failed 30GBP payment to TFL, can you see it in Revolut?
Do you have more details regarding the 50GBP payment?

The 30GBP payment was a normal, correct payment and was successful. I mentioned it just to say that the last payment to TFL before the unrecognized one was that one.

I don’t have details about the 50 GBP payment, I only know the time it was executed. I think someone from Revolut should be able to understand something more, when I give them the account details.

If it were me I would disable the card in the app and contact support before using it or unlocking it.

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Already contacted (48h ago, and again yesterday), but no answer yet, this is why I tried to write here. For now she disabled magstripe since there isn’t a lot of money left in the card.

Okay, support answered and issue was solved. This thread can be closed.

Good !

What was the issue?

Basically, an old TFL transaction remained pending for a lot of time, then it got cancelled and a new one of the same import appeared more than two weeks later; she could have detected it by scrolling and seeing that the old transaction was struck out but she was looking in analytics (by vendor, by category) where cancelled transactions do not appear.