[SOLVED] Revolut denies me cashback!


I sincerely doubt that the average punter would equate a house insurance payment as being in the same league as lotteries and casinos, as customer service pointed out to me. It’s like paying a utility bill. Does this include all insurance payments? Motor insurance, travel insurance etc? They’re household bills.

I can understand investment type insurance payments being excluded, such as endowment policy payments. But not household utility type payments.


Financial services are explicitly mentioned in the T&Cs as being excluded. Insurances are financial services. They do not replace stolen things, they help to protect one from financial losses caused by things being stolen or destroyed.

I too think one could label them household bills. But it’s still a bill for a financial service, not for gas delivery.

(I don’t see how it is relevant for items on the list of excluded things to be “in the same league”.)

Having said this, Revolut should of course update their FAQs accordingly if this is often misunderstood!