[SOLVED] Revolut denies me cashback!

So I’m a metal user and today Revolut denied to give me cashback on 2 operations.

I paid twice for a Pro-plan at CloudFlare.com. CloudFlare is a service for website administrators that allows us to serve our websites with more performance, security and reliability.

When asked for my cashback, I was told this:

The reason you did not receive the cashback is that the merchant is not supported. There are some merchant categories that are not eligible for the cashback. According to merchant MCC the merchant is categorised as “Business Services Not Elsewhere Classified”. We do not provide cashback for such merchants.

I’ve read the Terms & Conditions and it’s true that some categories are uneligible for cashback. The terms and condtions says this about it:

3.2 Revolut Transactions in relation to the following service providers will not qualify for Cashback Services: Gambling, Quasi cash, Trading & securities, e-Wallets, Financial services, Payment services providers.

What I don’t understand is that, I have a LEGIT operation that DOESN’T FALL IN ANY OF THESE CATEGORIES, but Revolut still doesn’t want to pay me out the cashback. Even though the Terms & Conditions doesn’t mention anything about “Business Services Not Elsewhere Classified”, they are like “nah, we don’t do that, and that’s it.”

Moreover, Revolut says in their own Terms & Conditions that they reserve the right to closely monitor transactions to identify misuse. I don’t see why this only works one way and not both way: Why can’t Revolut whitelist certain companies that are misidentified by their system and allow cashback for those operations?

I think they didn’t think the cashbacks through.

  • What more categories or transactions are exempt from cashback?

  • What resources do we have to report misidentified companies that should have cashback?


Google never gave me the free GBP10 credit in their Play Store which I was supposed to get for adding a card to Google Pay. In a way I quite like stories like this because it implies that my bank costs for traditional card accounts are padded to cover them giving me the odd freebie whereas with Revolut not.

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I want to add that I don’t mind having these issues.

Being one of the first metal users, I can totally understand if things are not 100% perfect yet.
The only thing that I ask is that this gets resolved.
I did a legit payment and followed the Terms & Conditions strictly without indirectly trying to abuse the system, so I want my cashback.
I’m not gonna accept a “no” for an answer, only because behind the scenes a company was placed in an “other unspecified companies”-category.

And again, I don’t mind having these issues, because I know that sooner or later Revolut has to tell me that I was right… :smile:

Well sadly you need to figure it out with the support. Different supporter have different know how and are more or less willing to help in such cases. It also could help to write them on twitter.

I did send a heads up via Twitter, where I told Revolut to check out this community thread.

And secondly I sent an official complaint, as that’s probably the only way to get this resolved.

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I would ask support to start a formal complaint. The procedure is explained in the F&Qs. This way, the case is escalated and you will get probably a more satisfying answers why cashback wasn’t paid or they will acknowledge that it is a mistake.

Oh, I see, you did that already. That’s just the way to go. Average support is not an expert in all things more nuanced. It would be better if they would do the research internally for you, but that doesn’t seem to be a standard procedure with support.


Yeah I understand but “we” (as everyone in relation to the general topic of finance) do not play [or betatest] with money.

I mean, for money handling I give absolutely no possibility for any unexplainable (or unexplained) transactions, any difference of balance between what I have calculate and what the financial institute (whatever kind it might be) do, or any difference between reality and the Terms of Service and contractual obligations.

I worked for a [real] bank and we spent around 8 hours finding an amount close to $0.01 and a difference in the transaction numbers; it was only done when everything was known and fixed and made sure it would never happen again. It’s not like 2 by 2 is something around 5-ish, it’s like maths where it has to be exact to the last digit. Or use play-money, or pebbles, or gummibears. And call people betatesters instead of customers.
My 2 'cents.


This is unbelievable… :roll_eyes:

I got a Final Response today to my Formal Complaint and it says literally that they are unable to uphold my complaint because services for e-wallets use the same MCC code as CloudFlare.

I still think that it’s not my problem or fault that e-wallets use the same merchant code as other legit businesses. Couldn’t the :r:-developers think of this before outright banning the category?
This means that a whole bunch of transactions won´t get cashback. This is a list of things that uses the same MCC code aswell, and where we potentially won’t get any cashback for:

:no_entry_sign: Telephone Answering Services
:no_entry_sign: Conference Management Services
:no_entry_sign: Locksmiths
:no_entry_sign: Translation Services
:no_entry_sign: Mail, Packing Stores, Services
:no_entry_sign: Meeting Planning Services
:no_entry_sign: Packing, Mailing Services
:no_entry_sign: Non-Government Postal Services
:no_entry_sign: Publishing Companies
:no_entry_sign: Seminar Planning Services
:no_entry_sign: Trade Show Arrangement Services
:no_entry_sign: Tourist Information Bureaus
:no_entry_sign: Video-Conferencing Services

I really really love Revolut and I will advocate Revolut 24/7, even though I don’t get paid for it (although I’m available in Southern Spain to be Growth Manager…) hehehe…
But all jokes aside… This is plain wrong and I’m embarrassed at how Revolut is solving this.

I contacted the Financial Ombudsman.

I find this unacceptable, and have forwarded my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.

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Then if the complaint route to Revolut is closed the option remains to ask a ruling from the Financial ombudsman.

What stirs your hope that the Ombudsman can help here? Do you want them to intervene that Revolut gives in and doesn’t exclude this specific merchant code or are you hoping that something changes the way merchant codes work?

This is what the Metal T&Cs say:

3.6 Events may occur which render cashback or the awarding of cashback impossible due to reasons beyond our control. In such circumstance, Revolut may in our absolute discretion vary, amend or rescind the provision of Cashback Services and you agree that no liability shall attach to Revolut as a result thereof.

3.7 The decisions of Revolut in respect of any and all aspects of Cashback Services, including any rejection of a claim to cashback, will be final and binding.

Does this not apply here in your opinion?

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Look @Frank, let me start off by saying that I’m a Bachelor of Information Technology and have worked on projects in the last few years that touch the area of online payments.

You quote the paragraph 3.6 of the Metal T&C that says that if it’s impossible due to reasons beyond their control, they may not reward cashback. This is totally understandable, but any IT guy will tell you that it’s not impossible to make a distinction between e-wallets and other legit businesses. They simply banned an “others”-category, instead of blocking e-wallet businesses 1 by 1.
They could also have made a whitelist, as I suggested before, where they whitelist companies that are obviously not e-wallets. Then they can keep their ban, but allow for manual fixing when like me report wrongly banned companies.
They should not have banned the “Business Services - Not Elsewhere Classified”-category in the first place, and should have looked for a different solution. It’s not impossible, it’s just laziness from their devs.

I want the Financial Ombudsman to say to Revolut: Look, your client did everything correctly. It’s not his fault that you guys messed it up in the backend.


There is such a thing in the UK as the unfair contracts Act. If a contract or terms of service is deemed unfair then the law says its unenforceable.

So yes. A referral to the Financial Ombudsman would be worthwhile. In my humble opinion.


This is an update for whoever is interested.

As I reminder; I had submitted my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman 4 days ago.
Today however, I have received an email from Revolut saying that:

1.) I have been assigned the cashback, as a gesture of goodwill.
2.) (If I understand correctly), Revolut is working on a new project to allow cashback transactions after making payments to specific merchants.

I have returned an email to ask exactly what the plans are, as I´m not totally convinced that I´ll get cashback the next time I pay at the same merchant.

Everything seems to turn out as expected. I´m glad Revolut did the right thing… eventually.


I always find it charming when a company effed up but instead of being honest and simply admitting the mistake they play generous and show a gesture of goodwill. How much more patronising could that get?

Not Revolut specific, though they seem to have joined these ranks too now.

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@Doppjunat, the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 were replaced by Part 2 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but in any case neither of them apply to this.

More relevant legislation is Regulation 5(4)&(5) of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (which governs misleading actions), and possibly also Regulation 6 (which governs misleading omissions such as the list of excluded merchant categories).

Yep. That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why it would be Revolut’s issue if Cloudflare uses a Financial Institution MCC (6xxx, e.g: 6012 for Revolut)…


On a positive note: I have been using my card for large online purchases outside of Europe (up to £1,500/time) and have not had any problems with receiving 1% cashback. So any lurkers reading this post, do not be put off, I am happy.

Just wish I had a physical card delivered !!! :slight_smile:


Just renewed my home insurance with Revolut and was denied Cashback. Support told me that insurance companies are included in those financial services where cashback is excluded.

Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Even Wikipedia mentions insurance companies as one of three major types of financial institutions. Why do you think this is unreasonable?