[solved] PLEASE HELP: Need support resetting pass code

I recently went to use my revolut card again after a few weeks of no use and forgot my pass code. The password reset tool in the app failed to work and locked me out of my account. When I used the in app support function I was asked to provide my details to a supposedly real person but it has now been more than 20 minutes without any reply.

After exhausting all of the in app support routes I feel I have no other choice but to come here for help. Im extremely frustrated that I haven’t been able to get in contact with anyone at the company to fix such a small problem. Is there any living breathing person who actually works for revolut that could help me fix this?!

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Hey @Revo :slight_smile:

Wait times at the support chat can be sometimes longer than 20 minutes unfortunately :frowning:

Consider Twitter or wait for either someone answering your chat or for @anon33247966
:bird: https://twitter.com/Revolutapp

Hey @Juliopp. Thanks for replying. Through trial and error I’ve managed to remember my pass code and get into my account (the block seemed to be temporary…).

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Make sure to type ‘agent’ or ‘live agent’ when opening the support window to speak to a real person.

There is a fundamental issue when being locked out of your account which Revolut need to solve. Even if you’re a premium customer (and of course, Revolut have no way of knowing that when you’re logged out) and you can’t remember your passcode or can’t receive and SMS, you have to wait for the standard support hours to speak to someone to get back in so, you’re lucky it didn’t happen on a weekend!

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hey the same has happened to me
Do you know how I can reset my pass code?
Locked out of the app

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Same problem here. Is there any way to contact support ? I’m a premium user and find this very sadly that if you have forgotten the pass code , isn’t no normal way to reset it. I’ve installed the app more than 10 times because of the unusual errors and still can’t solve the problem…