SOLVED Need help. U acc is currently blocked


My account is blocked for like the fourth time now. So yes i dont know why. I just got a new virtual card in another bank. After top Up and i use my revolut card it is blocked, then i verify the card, but this time it is still blocked and it just says for security reasons. I have verifyed everything so many times now. How do i fix this problem?

Hope somebody can help because i have only tried it was blocked too verify card top Up,but this time it is different.


And just to top it All off, i have a ‘premium’ account…


Have you tried to write them a message via in-app chat?
I would start with this.


Yes i have done, also got response, but it just dont make no sense, still no clarity over the issue. And if must say if banks based in Denmark did this with No reason blocking peoples accounts every other day they would be locked down themselves.


I have no idea what they demand, but I believe these are some obvious thing such as bank statement, ID…


They Solved it. Lets hope for a bright future!


Same issue, not resolved, no reply from anyone for 3 days! Can anyone help me at last???


Think the best u can do is wait in the app chat for help, or try Facebook/Twitter. Im pretty sure that they will fix your problem also. Good luck.


Thank you for your support! I also hope for the best, I am glad that your issue was resolved!


If u want a quick solution, i think u should provide the documents they may want before they respond to your case, maybe that way they can get a little longer in one go. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know what kind of documents the need, unfortunately. But thanks for your advice anyway!


Pretty sure it will be personal id, bank statement etc, but it is also just a qualified guess. Again, good luck.