[SOLVED] Moneycorp ATM withdrawal at Stansted airport


Hi new to this, so hope I am in the right place,
I was in Stansted airport departure lounge and a moneycorp ATM which said free with drawals so I enter my card and pin, it then took me to the section where you chose what you want to do, I enter withdrawal, which it took me to the section for that, now as I only had euros on my card and have withdrawn money loads of times with my revolut card, well I pressed the euros button and that took me to the next part, which I pressed €200, the next part as we all know was with conversion or with out conversion, well as I only had euros on my card, I pressed without conversion, which then it gave me the €200, when I looked at my account, I had been charged €256.69 euros for this transaction, meaning €56.69 charges, now I have been InTouch with revolut and they say they can not help me, I must get in touch with moneycorp, now moneycorp say revolut is who I should be talking to, but now I have someone from moneycorp checking out the transaction, but what got me, revolut will not help me, by what I am reading, it is my problem, so I ask you people for help, where do I go to get help, if anyone can help great, but I say this, for a bank, it is not a good customers service, So any one out there who could help, €56.69 charges and revolut will not help me, fill really let down as they say they are a great bank, not so sure if I got the right bank for a travel card now, good rates but the rest stinks


Hey @Loveablebuilder :slight_smile:

The most :r: could charge you if you:

  • were withdrawing illiquid currencies (not the case)
  • were over your FX limit (presumably not the case)
  • it was a weekend (not the case)
  • you were over your free ATM allowance (presumably not the case)

Would be (let´s round everything up just becuase) 2%+2%+2%+2% = not even 8% = not even 16€ (this would be impossible as far as I know).

There’s not anything in :r:'s fee scheme that would justify such a surcharge. Nothing :frowning:

It’s easy to find other people on the internet complaining about, literally, “Commission Free’ my **se” about MoneyCorp’s ATM’s (source), so I think that complaining to them is definitely the way to go. Maybe even asking :r: about the possibility of opening a chargeback claim against them.


Have ask for help, revolut will not help me, but the problem is the ATM machine took my euros and changed it back to pounds then changed it back to euros, even when I pressed the without conversion button, it just done it like that, god knows why, and it said free with drawals, I did not need to convert my money as they were all ready euros, may be could ask them for a charge back against moneycorp, but I wait till I hear back from them, moneycorp , but you can not even speak to revolut on the phone, you could once


Hey @Loveablebuilder :slight_smile:

Then this is not a :r: fault. You need to ask :r: to file a chargeback request, as you said (which can take up to 45 days), if MoneyCorp refuses to cooperate, but that’s it. Keep in mind it might take some time for an agent to be available :wink:


You are not alone in having issues with Moneycorp - have a look here.


Well, I see what happens, moneycorp said they get back to me soon, but surely revolut should have something in place to sort this out, it is supposed to be a bank and I followed what they said about withdrawing money and I had that done to me, how many other revolut card holders out there, had the same problem, so they should have something in place,


Yes tonyp, I have seen them, but what got me was, I done every think that revolut says to do, press without conversion and this happens, hope it don’t do it at every ATM, your money won’t go far. Plus I feel using my card now as unsafe, not good is it


I would like to tell you that you should have chosen currency of the country where you are.
Always. I that case you will always be secured.
Second thing- if you don’t want to follow what I’ve written above- please at least read main facts about service you are using.
For example in Poland Euronet (ATM provider) offers EUR withdrawals too.
Please notice, that Poland is not in EUR zone
So if you would withdraw EUR in PL, the path will be exactly the same.
And it doesn’t matter if you use revolut or any other EUR card.


Understood. You got me. I’ve never been to UK :slight_smile:
Doesn’t Raphael Bank charge you if you withdraw money using another’s bank card/ account?
And second- doesn’t your bank (different from Raphael bank) charge you if you use Raphael’s ATM withdrawing EUR?

I am only asking.


Look I will explain again

  1. I went to a moneycorp ATM
  2. I entered my card card
  3. I put in my pin
  4. the ATM asked me what I wanted to do
  5. I pressed withdrawal
    ,6) ATM asked me what I wanted,
  6. I pressed the euros button
  7. it next asked me how much
  8. I pressed the €200 button
  9. ATM asked me with conversion or without conversion
  10. I pressed without conversion
  11. ATM said transaction successful, please remove card and wait for money
  12. €200 was delivered
  13. looked at my account on app to freeze card and €256.69 was taken
    My card had only euros on it, no English, I pressed for euros, why did it not just give me euros out of my euro account as I had pressed without transaction, I have taken money out of loads of ATM at airports, never had this problem, the problem is down to the exchange rate they done to convert my money from euros to pounds then pounds to euros, two transaction for with drawing €200 , right, moneycorp have said they will honour they transaction from pounds to euros and give me my money back the exchange fee, , they say revolut done the transaction from my euro account to pounds cause the ATM wanted pounds, even those I pressed without transaction, revolut will not say that they did, even as I followed what they say to do while with drawing money, I asked revolut did they convert my euros to pounds, they said The ATM provided ask for pounds, even those I pressed without conversion as I had euros on there, so how much did revolut charge me for doing this, while I pressed without conversion, so what have I done wrong while all I done was what revolut says to do while with drawing money out of ATMs , please forget about fees, who is wrong , me , revolut, or moneycorp, please tell me some one


This is where the main problem lies. You clearly denied a conversion to pounds, so why did Moneycorp charge your account in pounds? They should have done so in euro.

From what I can tell so far, the problem happened on Moneycorp’s side.

Could it be that Moneycorp noticed you have a British and not a euro card and forced a conversion because of this - there was a similar case in Romania


Could be, god I just don’t trust these cards anymore, it just is not right what is happening,


Well, the main question is what was the currency and the amount of the incoming transaction that hit your account (before any possible internal conversion by Revolut). If that was not EUR 200 Moneycorp is to be questioned as to why.


Seems no doubt it’s a Moneycorp charge I would say


Hi well
Can not do no more, this has ruin my holiday, came away to relax and find myself on the phone trying to sort it, so I wait till I am home, travel cards, never again will I use a ATM,
And revolut chat line how frustrating, trying to write it all down


Yes I been told, even if you press without conversion, they can decline your request and demand to be paid in pounds, that’s where the problem lies, the ATM is programmed to reject any transaction when you press without conversion, in other words you are being robbed of your money so moneycorp is chargeing top profit’s , how can this be allowed, plus I got a exchange rate of about €1.14 from revolut when I topped up my euros, moneycorp exchange rate was €0.87, but I am taking this further , I be going to the FCA, the ombudsman, I will write to rip off Britain, I will write to MasterCard, I will do everything in my power to bring this robbery to the public eye,


Kudos, if you are taking this further. Most people would not because of the required hassle and that is what many companies count on.

But a withdrawal fee of (technically) almost 30% is beyond beyond “reasonable”.

I’d still be curious about the technicalities though. You wrote you specifically did not choose their conversion offer but then wrote they can decline it, respectively the machine rejects such transactions. Are you possibly implying now that there is a chance you actually accepted their conversion in a second transaction attempt (after the first failed)? I am afraid that would change the story a bit.


As I said I did what revolut say to do when withdrawing cash from ATM, I have done it loads of times at airport, I pressed without conversion button, there was no other statements came up, when I pressed without conversion it said processing, it gave me €200 euros, I thought that was the end of it , untill I looked at my account and saw what had been taken, l had no sterling on my card, if the machine saw there was no sterling , it should of cancel the transaction, but it went into the euro account and took euros to convert to pound, then pound back to euros, as we have said, there was no sterling in my account ,so it should had cancel transaction, but it never


I dont think this is what happened, the machine cant know how many currencies you have or dont have.

So you decisively did not approve the conversion? Sorry for asking again, but that is a crucial detail and it was not clear after your previous statement anymore.

If that is the case, they should have charged you in euro, which in turn would have been directly deducted from your Revolut balance. What might have happened was that they still converted it to pounds and then either charged you in sterling or even converted those sterling back to euro and only then charged you in euro.

It is impossible to say what happened without more details. What did Moneycorp say about the issue? @AndreasK, could you find out if the withdrawal hit your system in EUR or GBP?


I’d also investigate whether it might not be a violation of some sort if they ignore your conversion decision and still go through with their own despite you not having authorised that.