[SOLVED]Missing cards in application.



Should physical card suppose to be visible in the “cards” section of the app right after ordering it? Because I ordered one this morning, received confirmation on email. And “Cards” section in my application is empty. I can only order another one from there or create virtual.

Also I did have virtual before, and it’s vanished right after I finished my order for the physical. And now the only option is to pay again for virtual/physical.

What is going on?

I did write to live-chat support, but no one respond so far.


Have you tried to log out and in again? If that doesn’t help, try to delete the app and reinstall. And make sure to use the latest version of the app.


Cleared app data, reinstalled, re-loged.

Nothing. Still no cards.


Everything else like past transactions are there?



Only my virtual card is gone, and physical one didn’t even show up after completing the order for it.


Weird. I have no further idea.


Thank You anyway. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone else have any idea? Or support?


Best wait for the chat support.
Seriously. Obviously someone with more power than us needs to check.


It seems that I’m not alone with this problem. Chat support told me that technicians are trying to fix this, and it should start to work soon. :slight_smile:


well i am sorry to hear this from you


They fix it! All my cards are back in phone app. :slight_smile: