[SOLVED] I lost 1000 EUR on top-up. Revolut does not want to return them.


Hi everyone.
On 13th of January I tried to top up my account with 4425 PLN (around 1000 EUR).
My first two transactions failed because I had internet transactions limit set on my credit card. I changed the limit and tried once again. My card was charged 4425 PLN and I received confirmation of the transaction from my bank. However a few seconds later transaction in Revolut app changed its status to failed. I contacted the support to ask for help and they assured me that transaction really failed and I should get my money back within 7 days.

Two days later, transaction in my bank changed its status to completed, meaning that funds were successfully transferred to Revolut. I contacted Revolut support but several support agents couldn’t help me, each time making me wait for around 3 hours to get assigned to the next support agent. Finally I got assigned to Patrycja who was really helpful and raised a ticket in a Revolut internal system.
After a week I got an email from Revolut with a PDF containing ARN (Acquirer’s Reference Number) where transaction was marked as: “0 Transaction OK.” Maybe I’m wrong but to me this means that transaction has actually went through successfully. They said that I should send it to my bank to start a chargeback procedure.

I had to contact my bank and start a chargeback procedure which is still in progress and can take up to even 60 days.

To summarize:

  • I’ve lost 1000 euro on 13th January during top-up.
  • Revolut says it’s not their fault but actually provided me ARN where transaction is marked as successful.
  • I have to go through chargeback procedure in my Bank which can take up to 60 days.
  • It’s 20th February and I still haven’t gotten my money back.


Hi @adamb

If this is the case then send them your statement with the funds going into Revolut.

I’ll mention staff so you can get help


Hope it works out!


Hey @Quexity

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

I’ve sent to my bank ARN file that Revolut had sent me.
I’ve also sent to Revolut support agent confirmation of transaction and I believe they know about it since they sent me this ARN where Status Code and Description says: “0 Transaction OK.

If someone from support would like me to send more details about transaction I can provide once again confirmation from my bank as well as number of the chargeback case. What worries me is that each time I try to get help using Revolut App, the support agents don’t understand my problem and tell me that I should contact my bank or just wait …


Hi there. I’ve contacted our payment processor so that they can investigate what’s happened. I will keep you posted.


Hi @AndreasK

that’s great. Maybe they will know what happened. I know that MasterCard on behalf of my bank should have contacted them because of the ongoing chargeback procedure. It’s been a month since I started chargeback procedure (they have 60 days to process it) and over 6 weeks since I lost money.

Thank you


Today I received refund from Revolut :slight_smile:
This topic can be closed. Thanks to everyone who helped me!


Shouldnt you change your title?


Hi @adamb. I’m really sorry to hear you had to go through that, but I’m happy that it’s now resolved. As a goodwill gesture you can use Premium free for 3 months. If you need further assistance please let me know.