[SOLVED] Fraudulent activity (2K cash taken from my account Belize& Bali) Support not responding!


Hi everyone,
Anyone had fraud on their account and not been able to contact Revolut?
I am relatively new to Revolut but suddenly am in an urgent situation because the app support is not answering I need to know what to do.
I have only used the Revolut card once to make a purchase (taxi ride in November in France) and to receive, transfer and take out cash from ATMs (end of December a few transactions).
I just discovered it appears thieves (in Belize and Bali) have managed to clean out my account, withdrawing nearly 2000€ in small amounts from my account! I did not have any alerts about this, even though my alerts setting for Revolut is ‘on’. I’ve never been to Bali or Belize, and my Revolut mastercard card still in my possession. So I do not know how this has happened. They are still trying (just in the last hour) but there is no money left. I’ve tried contacting Revolut support, but chatbot says I must wait. Currently it is over 1 hour and nothing. Are there any special numbers to call? Blocking the card is all the automated call-in number allows to do. Thanks for any advice.

Fraudulent atm withdrawals of £2000

Hey @ParisAA :slight_smile:

The process is as follows:

  • Block the cards
  • Contact support reporting the fraudulent activity and wait
  • Fill a claim. The chargeback process might be long.

If everything is as you described, I believe you will not have problems getting your money back.

About the notifications, are you using android?


Hi @Juliopp,

Sorry, I asked my wife to send the reply because I am working on phone app sending more details and screen shots as it is late, and I’m traveling tomorrow I’m a bit worried.
Thanks for this help. I’ll block the card now …
Yes, I’m on Android (Samsung Note)


Hi @Juliopp Thank you for your help. Fingers crossed. So you are saying I need to block the card. I had understood the account is separate from the card, so my worry was they are accessing the account (IBAN etc). I’ll follow your suggestion and wait. I have already sent via the Support App various screen shots and explanations, while waiting for a live agent (mainly to record my observations). To answer your last question, yes I am using Android. Is there a trick I’m missing on notifications? Thanks again for your quite response and help.


Hey @ABD / @ParisAA :slight_smile:

I was pretty confused by the sudden change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Regarding Android, there’s an ongoing technical glitch which will prevent the app from sending push notifications.

Regarding your problem, your liability should be £0, with a maximum of £35, according to clause 24.1 of the ToS and my understanding of them, but this is in no way an official statement nor it comes from :r:. I am just a customer :wink:

:r: accounts do not allow IBANs to be charged (direct debit) as of now, and you can see which card was used for each individual transaction clicking on them :blush:


Just four quick things for you to consider, @ABD / @ParisAA :slight_smile:

  • Do NOT ever unfreeze/unblock the card. It has been compromised and should be disabled, deleted from your account and replaced. Period. I believe you should be able to negotiate the card cost with :r:.

  • Patiently wait for an answer and file a chargeback request or anything reasonable that :r:'s staff suggests. This will most likely not be quick, but I’m pretty convinced you’ll get your money back. Do not accept a “no”, come back here if they refuse to take any responsibility.

  • Try to analyze how did your card get compromised. It might not be your fault at all and maybe there’s not any clue, but if there is, try to avoid that risk in the future.

  • If you feel like, whenever the problem is solved come back and share the outcome :sunny:


Thanks very much @Juliopp for helping new :r: customer. All of your suggestions are very clear and helpful.

I was just now put in contact with a live agent form support, Witold.

He gave me a link to report the money stolen.
Like you, he told me to cancel the card and he said I need to “mark it as 'stolen”, and order a new card. (Card deliver fee will be reimbursed)

Good news, the card will come in a few days.
Not so good news, he says the stolen money claim will take 45 days before I will receive my money back if the investigation confirms.
This seems quite a long time for 2000€. Understandably, I am reluctant to put additional money on a NEW Revolut card after this experience.

Also, my wife had her original card stolen (after a purchase) and had to block the card, but she did not have cash stolen form the account. Only a fraudulent charge but she saw the pop-up (iPhone) and responded right away.

Just sharing our experience.
Thanks again @Juliopp


Hey @ParisAA :slight_smile:

Well, I have to say I’m impressed with the answer.

Perfect :smile:

This is up to 45 days, right?
I know 5 cases of chargeback in other banks, apart from :r:, and all of them took between 30 and 105 days. I find this pretty fast actually :wink:

Understandable indeed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just give it some time and try :r: again :wink:

And, as a reminder, please, if you can, come back when you have a final resolution.


Hi @Juliopp
We’ve not had experience of this before so I was surprised but the amount of time.

I have just finished cancelling the card. Witold of :r: says 45 days is the “standard time” for the chargeback (not sure if that means ‘up to’)

Thanks again for sharing your advice and experience and I will also update the topic with my experience.


For those interested, I am updating my experience with fraud reporting …

  • I cancelled my :r: card via In-App Support and had a few problems requesting a new card. For some reason the In-App Support agent wanted to go back through the entire Know Your Customer process, with documentation of address, identity, etc, something I was not pleased to try to do in the middle of the night after already having spent hours on this process. Finally this person went home for the night and a new agent took over the chat. The second person eventually got approval to go forward with my existing information already in their records. (I have seen elsewhere that it can take days to confirm someone’s ID and did not want to add more time to this process unnecessarily - I am an existing customer!).

  • When the card had been added, the new agent also credited for the delivery charge was applied (normal £5 deliver charge).

  • I Completed the information requested on the link sent by Witold from :r: In-App Support.
    Just to know, the link was a web link which did not work directly from within the :r: App but when I copied the link into a URL (inside a web browser) it worked.

  • The link showed all my transactions and I just had to click on those I did not recognize having made myself.

*I also had to formally agree that I would accept any transactions that could not be found to be fraudulent.

  • I received an email confirming “Thank you for Submitting a Fraud Declaration Form” and explaining again the process for cancelling card and requesting a new one.

*The only slightly disconcerting thing is I did not receive a copy of my Fraud Declaration, only an email saying one was received. It would seem normal to have a way to keep of copy of the declaration. For now I need to trust Revolut’s process.

I had one final discussion with In-App Support to confirm refund of the card delivery fee, then to close the chat for now and asked to be rated.

The process in the end took me several hours (in the middle of the night) but was relatively easy except for the request to start all over again with my KYC documentation as if it was a new account.

Now I wait a week or so to receive my new card, and 45 days to see if my stolen funds are credited back to my account. I’ll report back on results. Thanks again to @Juliopp for late night help.


Keep you card always in a freeze mode. Unfreeze it just before using it and freeze again straight after you get transaction confirmation. This will significantly minimize your risk of future fraud.


Thank you for the tip !!


Excellent advice, @QuQu, for adding security to cards.
If your advice to FREEZE them when not using is not already in the Revolut FAQ’s, it should be.
Thanks again.


Another tip which I use is to set a monthly card limit in the app. Also I use a virtual card for all online payments. It’s much easier to cancel a virtual card if it’s been compromised and generate a new one through the app, avoiding delivery delays.


One more thing, which I think wasn’t mentioned yet:
Make sure your android phone is clean.

I think I’ve seen a few cases on this forum when people had similar issues (stolen money) but without having done ANY payment yet. That means their device was compromised (malware, virus, etc).

So: don’t root your android phone, don’t install from unknown sources, don’t let random people connect in usb to your device, etc.

I’m not saying that’s what happened, just be careful :pray:

I agree with others 45 days isn’t that long for a chargeback, of course the amount is quite important so it’s understandable you wish it was faster…

One more thing: I didn’t understand if the charges were online or in physical shops/ATMs… If it was in physical places: didn’t you activate the location security setting on your card? It would have prevented this problem (you being in France (?), the charges in South America, it would have been declined)

Good luck my friend :wink:


hI @quentinb and thanks for the tips.

Actually it was sophisticated because I had only made 2 purchases (taxi and transport) with the physical card, and the fraud was cash withdrawals from different bank branches far from one another but in Belize.

I did not activate the location security setting because I also planned to use the card for various online subscription services and these are many times billed from other countries (again, that’s why one would use Revolut in the first place!)

I cannot figure out how the card was compromised. I will look into the Android phone situation.

Another good tip from @QuQu is to block or freeze the card and only unblock/unfreeze it just before a known purchase. Of course that means recurring payments like online services would be hard to manage.

Question to the community: Revolut is definately a great idea and they are disrupters. But Is there also evidence that Revolut is less secure or more vulnerable than other Mastercard/Visa card service providers? I just wonder as in our own family two if us have experienced fraudulent activity within the first few weeks of Revolut use, and no small amount of time to deal with the problems (including not having access to several thousand euros, hours exchanging with the support team by SMS, replacing cards etc.)


The locations services only block the payments in shops and such, not online payments (there is another security dedicated to that by the way). My location services are always enabled and make payments to online services from many different countries (EU and other), no issue there.

Once the card details are copied, they were probably resold on the black market (dark net) and copied on a plastic card by different groups.

Having done only two payments, that would be real bad luck if that was the source of the issue. I would put my money on some android malware.


Good point @doppjunat about seeing card limits and virtual cards.

I am not in banking, but cannot understand how it is possible for a single fraudster to withdraw hundred of Euros in cash from different cash machines across different bank branch locations in Belize within minutes and hours of one another, without ever having in their possession the physical Mastercard.

It’s seems something deeper is at work here …


Hi @quentinb

So do I understand correctly …
One can enable the location services setting and still use the card for online subscriptions which may vary from that location?
That was not obvious to me.


That’s correct. The online location security doesn’t restrict the online payments, that would be too much of a problem; it only works for payments in shops/ATM.
People who are very safe only allow “online transactions” when they pay online, and disable right after.