(Solved)Entropay and revolut. Advise?


So i have a entropay account and used my virtual entropay card to top op my revolut account. After when i try to take money out in the atm, of cause once again again my account gets blocked and withdraw rejected. I need the numbers from entropay payments. My problem is the amount is not yet transfered in history, it is only reserved. Anybody have tried the same and have a advise? Or is it just to wait until i can see the payment.



Found the numbers. Now it is blocked for security reasons. Are u guys kidding me? This is starting to be on a daily basis… And the chat says 4 minutes before a live agent will be with you. If u guys want a advice, then please dont say 4 minutes if it is 4 hours or something. Fair enough it dosent take 4min, but then dont say it!