[solved] Account locked and transfer withheld by revolut for 12 days, no reason given



This is my second attempt at posting, my first post was apparently censored (why? I have only been and intend to stay civil)

My topup limit has been decreased without warning to the minimum possible value (I had used 15.5K€ this year and they lowered it to 16K€). I have absolutely no idea why, no reason was given at all.

In the meantime, on July 2nd, my salary was sent to me from the USA. I don’t know whether my account was limited before or after that day, I was not notified and I don’t check my topup limit daily (who does?)

Since then, I have tried asking the support staff to

  1. route the payment to my account: the first time I talked to someone, they replied that they had received the payment, but couldn’t allocate it to my account because my topup limit was too low, they said I should request a topup limit increase. My case was then transferred to a dedicated team which required a 96 hour wait. At this point I thought, why not, I’ve done it before so let’s do this again.

  2. I proceeded to send every possible document over to the support staff. After a good 4 day wait, I was told that my payment had not been received (???). I was then told that my case would be, again, transferred to a dedicated team which would require another 96 hour wait. I was feeling a little frustrated at this point but I thought due to the holidays an extended waiting period would be justified.

  3. 4 days later, someone from the support staff (“Chandler”) said he was “looking at my case”. That is all he said. I waited all day for another reply, and then I received a notification saying that he had transferred my case yet again to a “dedicated team” requiring another 96 hour wait.

I have been living without my usual salary this month and let me tell you - when you’re in the middle of the holiday this can turn out to be very unpleasant.

I am completely speechless at the treatment I’m receiving - I had been very satisfied with Revolut for the past 6 months. I was given no explanation whatsoever regarding why my topup limit was decreased. My salary is being withheld since July 2nd. What on earth have I done to deserve this?

I am about to file a complaint at the Financial Ombudsman in an attempt to resolve the situation. I wish Revolut no harm and all I want is to either have my salary asssigned to my account, or returned to the sender. And then I will close my account and Revolut will never hear from me again.

If any staff sees this, please do not censor my message like the first time.


+1 never had hard or unsolvable problem
i love it!


Seems like automatic process ( UK based + US Salary maybe ? )

But the way the support team manage this is unprofessional ( and I am a huuuuge :r: fan )

Maybe @andreask @olga_revolut or @rafael_revolut can help you?


Within 5 minutes after I posted this thread, my payment was cleared and topup limit increased again. Thanks to whoever did this! I’m marking this as solved. Phew!

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