Sole-proprietors without incorporation


Is Revolut for Business available for sole-proprietors without incorporation?


Wouldn’t Revolut Premium suffice for sole traders?


My understanding was that Revolut for Business allowed someone to create 26 account numbers in the countries of the respective currencies. For example, a local bank account in Japan for JPY, another in Mexico for MXN, and so on… All accounts are currently in Great Britain. However, Revolut is working to add local unique account numbers, at least for USD, as they say in the FAQ.

NB.: All other than GBP and EUR accounts, will have unique multi-currency IBANs which can be used for international SWIFT / BIC payments, and which are NOT local accounts (for example, it’s not local USD routing number and account number). We are however looking forward to adding local unique account numbers shortly.

I also found out that Revolut for Business only works with incorporation as it requires the incorporation number and other details related to companies.

Thanks for the tip about Premium.

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I’ve got no experience with using Revolut for Business apart from reading about it, but as far as I am aware, the only features that differentiates Business from Premium are:

-Multi-user accounts with multi-user debit card issuance.
-Expense reports (The consumer product has .csv export at the moment. Not sure whether the ‘expense reports’ feature is ).



No public announcements at the moment, but I would expect, in addition to partnering with other financial institutions to supply auxiliary services (Zurich for Revolut Premium’s global travel health insurance, Lending Works for Revolut Credit, …), for Revolut to extend the open API and allow all financial institutions to offer their financial products (From overdrafts to mortgages to high-yield bonds.), and service providers (Xero for accounting, …).

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