Software update (app)

Hi there,
I had just problem with our apps.
My wife has release 4.22.0
I have (had) 4.18.0
Can Revolut please indicate when the app has to be updated.
And please indicate always the newest version,
actual it seems to be 4.22.0

Can you not just let google play keep your app up to date ?

Yea Powie, that’s it - thanks

Android-Apps aktualisieren
Sie können die Apps, die Sie auf Ihr Android-Gerät heruntergeladen und dort installiert haben, manuell oder automatisch aktualisieren. Durch die Aktualisierung Ihrer Apps erhalten Sie die aktuellen Funktionen sowie verbesserte Sicherheit und Stabilität.

A new update just landed 5.15 with concierge and metal upgrade through the app. Airport lounges still coming!

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I am still on 5.14 (Android) and also see Concierge and Metal Upgrade but no airport lounges.

Probably beta version

5.15 for iOS is live for all. Main difference is a new option to cancel pending transfers that are set up but not executed yet.

Gone again. Metal cards no longer in stock? I have no use of it anyway at the moment. Or maybe an error?

That’s right.
I can’t understand what’s more important the metal thing or the whole metal service which applied to all of our cards?

Revolut bring back the upgrade to metal!

I didn’t think you could configure Google Play Store to auto-update Revolut but not other apps? I thought it was all or nothing. I have some apps which I really don’t want updating.