so how long does it usually take live agent to contact ?


Hi, I needed to do a quick transfer to secure a reservation of new apartament to rent. i was advised to use revoult for its intuitive functionality and quicker than regular transfer times, not to mention smaller fees. Meanwhile after whole configuration and setting said transfer to be placed i got my app locked “for security reasons” with no ability to contact any live agent, other than just waiting… I’d hate to loose that flat reservation so I need at least tell the agent when is the worst case scenario for him to have transfer sent, hence the question - should i be waiting (i suppose the latest to produce a confirmation printout of transfer would be tommorow morning), or try to find another way for this transfer?
chatbot stated to be transferring me to live agent 18 hours ago.


Find other way!

Revolut is very nice, i use it all the time myself without any big issues but i wouldn’t dream of securing a flat or make a cash advance when buying a car at a dealer. That is times where my old bank and card comes inte handy.

Basically revolut safety triggers seems to go off whenever someone does something out of the ordinary, ordinary being buying some grocerices, pay for the movie ticket or lunch.


yep… I normally also would do it via regular bank account, this time however there were additional factors that forced me to do it this way… luckily its already solved with help of LIVE AGENT :slight_smile:


Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.