snookered card blocked


my card has been blocked for security reasons and i have to get a code from my statement.
I bank with a credit union so god knows when that will apear. I dont use credit cards i use revolut for everything I am now totaly snookered. Thanks a lot
I will not be telling people its great anymore and selling it for you.


Are you able to generate a bank statement of the card used for top up?


I have found the number and entered it it was accepted but i cannot use the
ab it keelps directing me to talk to customer support


Can you drop me a direct message please?


What do you want me to do you know i do not i am responding to your mail i
am talking to you do you mean in the app


@AndreasK im still waiting for a reply in direct message. It is stressful having your account blocked when its recently been topped up


Im in the app im in the email i am easily contactable. I am getting very
frustrated with this very poor


It has just cleared thankyou