SMS verification code fails.

I have a new phone and I’m using my old sim. I’m trying to access my account by inputting my phone number, I receive the text message but I’m getting the message “The verification code or phone number you entered is incorrect” I’ve deleted the app and restarted the phone then reinstalled the app but I’m getting the same message every time.

Any ideas?

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I cant receive any SMS code for app registration. I tried it couple times in last 2 weeks and still same situation. Can somebody help me with this issue?

Hi, I am having the same issue, I tried creating an account but it says I already got one, when I try to click forgot password, the app doesn’t accept sms code verification.
I have tried deleting the app, rebooting my phone, and even installed the latest update.

I haven’t used revolut for a while. I just wanted to use it, but I couldn’t receive the SMS verification code. At the same time, I forgot passcord, so I couldn’t log in. I tried to pass the e-mail verification, but the associated verification email address seems to be wrong (it is my other email address, I used it to register for revolut, but the registration is not completed), now, I don’t have any way to log in. Please tell me what to do.

Hi Anon, I saw that you seem knowledgeable. I am somewhat desperate since I cannot get into my Revolut account. I wanted to sign up but whenever I request the verification code I do not get it, so I choose the call option, which works, but when I enter the code (and its’s for sure correct), the app tells me it’s the wrong code. Is there anyway to contact some Customer Support or get help? Thank you, Michelle

You didn’t think ‘Anon’ is a strange name :wink:… it’s a former Revolut employee whose account has been anonymised and inactivated. This is a user community, there is no Revolut support here. How to contact them without access to the app can be found here:

Je suis abonnée premium, et je ne peux plus me connecter !
Je vous explique :

  1. J’ai changé mon numéro de téléphone
  2. Après une désinstallation provisoire de l’application (quelques jours), puis je l’ai téléchargé hier
  3. Malgré plusieurs tentative de connexion il m’est impossible de me connecter

Merci de faire le nécessaire urgemment.

Bien cordialement

Please check the linked topic in my post just above yours.

Pas de Revolut support ici. C’est une communité des utilatiseurs.

Et comment je fais pour contacter revolu t puisque je ne peux même pas me connecter ?

Il n’y a aucune indication sur leu site pour contacter directement leur service

That’s clearly explained in the linked topic.

Merci pour vos réponses

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