SMS verification code fails.

As many other people I have a problem with starting the App on Android (4.4.2 on HTC One M8Sw). I receive a verification code by SMS, it even gets copied over automatically, but then I get a popup error “Something has gone wrong, Please try later”. I tried for the first time months ago, but this error persists. Any idea how to fix that?

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Usually helps unistallig and then installing the app ones again.
BTW. on which revision of the app are you?

I reinstalled, but still the same. It’s version 4.17

Try to clean cache, then reboot phone and run the app.

I have deleted the App data and rebooted, but no improvement.

Hmm where are you based?

I am trying with a Swiss phone number, if that is your question.

Could you please send me a direct message?

Apparently I can’t - I only just registered

You should be able now.

I’m getting the same thing.

Trying to register through the iOS app, I’m on the “enter 6 digit code” screen where it sends me an SMS but nothing.

Any help?!

wait 60 sec then choose another method of verification

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