SMS verification code fails.


As many other people I have a problem with starting the App on Android (4.4.2 on HTC One M8Sw). I receive a verification code by SMS, it even gets copied over automatically, but then I get a popup error “Something has gone wrong, Please try later”. I tried for the first time months ago, but this error persists. Any idea how to fix that?


Usually helps unistallig and then installing the app ones again.
BTW. on which revision of the app are you?


I reinstalled, but still the same. It’s version 4.17


Try to clean cache, then reboot phone and run the app.


I have deleted the App data and rebooted, but no improvement.


Hmm where are you based?


I am trying with a Swiss phone number, if that is your question.


Could you please send me a direct message?


Apparently I can’t - I only just registered


You should be able now.