SMS code not working



I have been having a log-in issue on the SMS code page in the phone app. When I receive the SMS code that I enter on my phone screen, the screen sort of shakes and does not go any further as if the code I entered is wrong. I have done so well within the 20 min expiry notice of the code.

  1. I tried getting a new code re-sent but nothing comes.
  2. I went back to the password screen, re-entered my password, received another SMS with a different code, entered it, same problem.
  3. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the app, same problem on my iphone 6SE+.
  4. I have tried customer support within the app, but got no reply. I guess you guys are US based and it is simply too early.

Can anyone help please?


PS: 24 hours later and still no sign of a solution. Anyone please?


Hello @Karyk98,

Really sorry to hear that. Let get in touch via a direct message, so I can send you sms code there.


Andreas K.


Hello Andreas,
I had a colleague of yours on the customer service chat yesterday. He sent me a code but still it did not work and the screen shook as if you enter the wrong code. Any ideas?
Thanks, Karim


You need to add the sms code within a minute. Probably the sms code expired.


It says in the message I have 20 mins. Either way I enter it within seconds of arrival, so I would rule out the expiry option.


No worries.

I will send you a direct message.


Andreas K.


Not sure if the posts are visible to everyone? Erasing my confidential information. Can anyone please help me resolve this issue?


Hi Andreas, are you there? Any updates please?


Hi @Karyk98,

This is a public post. I have sent you a direct message. Can you see it?


Andreas K


Hi Andreas, no direct message received. Where / how?


Is this the direct message?


@Karyk98 At the top right of your screen click on your profile picture, then select the envelope symbol.


@badskittler thank you :slight_smile:

I have sent a direct message.


Trying to get all messages via this site as I am unable to login to the app.



I’m suffering from the same problem. For any reason I’m not receiving sms.


Are you using the latest version of the app?


Hi. Yes I am. Downloaded today.


I have a similar issue, when setting up the app on iphone, I am asked to enter my old (only ever enter one phone number) phone number, i complete this, then are asked to enter my passcode (passcode for my phone? ) I enter the passcode for my iphone and receive the message.

Phone number and/or passcode is incorrect

any ideas


It’s the app PIN (Not your phone passcode and not your card PIN.)


Interesting, but not correct, you have to enter the phone pin and then a 6 digit passcode is sent.

Resetting the iphone twice and it finally worked.

Apple has gone downhill since Steve passed