SMS code not arriving. Phone call not recieved.


I had an issue with the app earlier, and the support suggested me to uninstall the app and install it again in order to solve it.
After installing it, I tried to log in, and it asked me my phone number to send me the verification code.

The SMS does not arrive. I tried phone call too.

I read the support can tell me the code, I’d be grateful if you did that, I need to pay as soon as possible, and right now I can’t even log in.
Thank you


The same thing is happening to me. I tried several phone numbers, including my girlfriend and the text SMS simply does not arrive.

Help please.


I have completely same issue. I had a problem with bank transfer 6digit code and support recomended me reinstallation which caused that I cannot login into revolut because the 6digit code does not come.


I’m having the same problem now also, not receiving the SMS code. It was working fine last week when I decided to check everything was good with the card before I set off on holiday, now two days before my holiday it starts playing up! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Reading other posts on this forum I’m not confident this issue will be resolved in the next forty eight hours. That’s a pity as I have never had any problems with the account or card before.


Please, verify if you’re able to receive the SMS now. It has started working again, at least for me :wink:


Yep, working now. Good work, thanks!


same issue. I am still having to this day. Who can I talk to?


Good day, having the same issue - not receiving sms. Could you guys help on that?