SMARTER BUDGETING - Allow users to track and filter their total spend within a custom time range (days, weeks or months) - Could allow spending limits to be set for these time ranges as well


It’s great to be able to see your monthly spend in the app, but it could be even slicker. Why not add the ability to specify the time range in which you track spending and offer the ability to set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits?

I prefer to track spending by week as opposed to by month, and I know others who might want to track or set a custom spending limit for a long weekend, holiday, or business trip, as opposed to lump everything together in a calendar month.

Currently the user experience is quite clunky, in that you have to manually check each day in a week to see what your spend was for that time range. Or else you have to export a spreadsheet which does not present the information very easily at all. I currently use a different budgeting app and track manually - which is sub optimal to say the least!

Most established online banking platforms offer the ability to define your own timescales when viewing spending history. This small change on Revolut would be very useful when trying to budget in real time, as well as reviewing spending history for your own preferred time range.

I can’t imagine it would be a tough change to make and adds a lot more flexibility for the day to day user. Please consider it.


This is an absolute must have really!


+1 from me as well, this would be very useful