The new SmartDelay came through just as my flight to Salzburg was delayed by nearly 2 hours. Even before the delay was announced 2 Free lounge vouchers appeared in the Revolut app for me and my son.

Much welcomed. Well done Revolut :+1:


Did you buy the tickets with your :r:?
How did they know what your flight is?

Edit: Just saw that one can enter flight numbers in advance.

Thank you for the feedback!

Just one question I’ve been wondering: does :r: issue the regular LoungeKey voucher that works anywhere? Because if it’s the case I can see this being exploited a lot!

Yes, it’s the regular voucher that works anywhere. With one difference: it expires in 48 hours.

So people can just use a random flight number that is delayed to generate a LoungeKey Voucher?

I would imagine that Revolut would geolocate you at the time of the delay and the voucher production. To ensure that you’re actually at an airport. And maybe that you arrive at the claimed destination?

I red somewhere in a another forum that you have to send your boarding pass as proof.