Smartcard for Europe


Hi! In some countries like Netherlands or Germany its not common to pay with (prepaid) credit cards. Therefore the acceptance is only very limited. It would be a good Idea to implement another application like Maestro on the chip.

The card is made by Austriacard. They also have solutions for HCE (more money for you, nothing for google). So there is actually no reason to wait for Android Pay.

Here is an example:

Optional maestro card
Echte Credit Karte

Also Maestro would make it cheaper to use ATMs here in Europe.


I think this would be gereat for the launch in Germany. Its better than another card in your wallet.


the issue is that now the circuit Mastercard Debit has the same commissions and fees of the Maestro circuit but a lot of merchants don’t know that and they keep refusing the card thinking that they will pay the same fees of a credit card.


I would love to have a smartcard - but not Maestro/Mastercard, but (if technically possible) a VPay/Mastercard-Combination…

Because, as is my experience, outside Switzerland (esp. Germany and Austria) chances are good that if the Mastercard isn’t accepted, neither is Maestro… While it would be possible to use Visa (or VPay)…

So a combination - if technically possible - of VPay and Mastercard (or Maestro/Visa) would be great

(just an idea of mine, i don’t know if it’s possible)


It would be possible if a card issuer would want such a product and could negotiate the terms with Visa and Mastercard.


Currently my main bank is Fidor and I love my Fidor Smart Card.
But I really love the whole Revolut ecosystem and am thinking about switching once they get the EU banking license & a Maestro/V-Pay card in some form. Preferably in the format of a “smar card”.


A smartcard is currently in development. :+1:


Hi Simon,

Have you got a source for that?

James W


I’d be thrilled to see a Revolut card that’s compatible with both MasterCard and Maestro!


Do u know if it will be a Visa one or MC one?

(My proposals for a new smartcard, a transparant card from Revolut looks easy and good)