small credit for joint accounts

What about a small credit (50 Euro) in joint accounts? You don´t have all your money on that account and in case it gets a little bit short, it would be a great help when standing in front of the cashier in the supermarket. Or, maybe an automatic withdraw from the main account?

Do you mean an overdraft?

Or a set safety net you handle in a Pocket for the saviour of embarrassment?

The second option would be good, and possibly could be implemented, by setting your own anti embarrassment rules.

It does open up a can of worms for users who might forget they set this rule up, cause further inbound to revolut customer care team and possibly more complaints, thus costing the bank more money than just declining the payment due to lack of funds.

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I mean overdraft or automatic fillup, if joint account is getting out of money


I would prefer to have the possibility to directly transfer money to the joint account, not via the main account. This would also include the same auto top-up options that the main account offers.
Why not have the same features for the joint account that we are used to from the regular accounts: savings, pockets, transfers etc.
In other words, let us just share the main account with a 2nd user!
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@oleimnetz Hello, Welcome to the community. :star2:

Thank you for the feedback. We’re actively working on expanding joint account functionality, and your feedback is helping shape the future. Stay tuned for exciting updates! :rocket:

Veda | Community team