Slow sync of contacts on Android

In recent weeks I’ve noticed that when I want to “Send money” or “Request money” option on the Android app, it takes ages to actually load my contact list (sometimes it even freezes/crashes), which is making me consider uninstalling the app altogether… I’ve only kept it as I’m a big fan of Revolut and will be extra patient to help you guys sorting out this problem.
Is there something I can do to help? Happy to assist!
Thank you,

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Hey there! Can you please provide more details in terms of the device you’re using and what operating system you’re on? Have you tried various connections?

Hi Larysa,
Yes, I’ve tried wifi at home, at work, public wifi too… 4G also… even abroad whilst roaming on other networks…
Eventually it does work, but sometimes it can take 2-3 minutes for it to load and when you’re trying to send the payment it’s just not working as it should… Luckily I have an iPhone too, but I’m rarely on it when I’m out and about (as it’s my work phone until the end of August only).
Would be great to have a long term solution for this - it was working fine say 3 months ago, but it’s just severely slowed down… :frowning:
My device is a One Plus 3T and I’m running on one of the latest Android versions (7.1.1).
Thanks for your help with this.

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Having the same issue. I am on a Pixel and have the latest Android version installed. makes the feature basically unusable as can take 2-3 minutes to load contacts.

Just a “me too”. Android 7.1.1, 4G or Wifi, 8core 1.5GHz, 700+ contacts

Me too, again OnePlus 3T Android 7.1.1

I’ve also realised that my Contacts app itself takes ages to load - sounds more like an Android issue than a Revolut problem… Do you find the same issue when you open your “Contacts” app for example?

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No, not usually.
Only under certain circumstances, e.g. after a reboot :confused:

I read some online forums saying that you need to clean your cache on the
Contacts app to avoid the slow loading of the contacts. It’s weird! :frowning: