Slow support response

I see there are a long list of complaints on this forum about slow support response, unfortunately I’m adding another one…

I pay for Revolut Premium as I frequently travel abroad. So far it’s been a great service. Recently I hit the limit on annual top-ups beyond which requires verification of funds source. I’ve now been waiting 5 days (120 hours) for a response on this.

Unfortunately this is an urgent problem as I’m travelling with my family and rely on my Revolut cards for foreign currency. I have messaged Support every day this week to try and get a response and I’m not even receiving an automated response even when I enter “Live Agent”. I’ve also tried both Facebook message and the automated phone line with no luck.

Four thoughts on this:

–Part of the reason I pay for Premium is the supposed 24/7 support. This has obviously not been met.
–If you advise a 96 hour response time maximum, you need to meet it or drop a courtesy message to explain why you won’t meet it. You can’t leave customers in the dark.
–Understand that it’s efficient to have support through the app. There needs to be a back-up, fail-safe - like a phone line - that allows you to get in touch with someone if needed when the Support function is not working.
–If there is a limit on annual top-ups that will lead to accounts being blocked, you must inform customers in advance. You can’t tell me when I hit the limit. I received no notification of this when I signed up, nor when I approached the top-up limit.

Ultimately all the great new services you’re introducing won’t matter if you can’t cover off the basics like this properly. There are other alternatives out there (Monzo, for example) and you will leave your customers with no choice but to try them out.

Your best bet might be to contact @AndreasK, though he usually does not work during weekends, so expect an answer the earliest tomorrow noonish (British time).

And yes, support is one of the biggest issues with Revolut.

Thanks for the response, appreciate the advice! Just in case the moderators do take a look, I’m not posting here just to get a response to my actual issue - I’m hoping that the “feedback” aspect may be helpful and easy to implement.