Slow e-mail support


This is just a general observation, but I find business e-mail support to be very slow.

I sent a question 4 days ago and haven’t received an acknowledgment.

Granted, 2 of those days were over a weekend, but even 48 hours seems like a stretch considering there’s no telephone support and often no live support coverage.

Are there plans to speed this up, or at least allow better visibility on where in the queue an outstanding support query might be?


Hi @itsmelee

Rest assured it won’t happen again as we have increased the number of agents involved in dealing with emails queries :face_with_monocle: and extended the working hours of our support chat to keep you covered.

Oleksii and the Team


Hi there I have to dare use the Revolut Card in the cash machine to take cash out they didn’t take any cash out w out of my account and I have spoken to support they Told me that they Going to connecting with that relevant teamI have not heard of them for the last four hours and my account has been blocked would you please help