Skrill to Revoult


Has anyone succeeded to transfer money from Skrill to Revoult?

I have EUR Skrill account and a EUR Revoult account.

Revoult account looks like this:

At Skrill I have to select a country (which I assume should be UK?)

What should sort code and account number be?

Many thanks.


If you want to use these data use your GBP account instead of EUR. There you’ll see sort code.
If you want to send EUR- you have to choose another country.


Any suggestion which country to use if not UK / GB ?


Probably any in the Eurozone. I’d contact their support and ask what you should fill in here.


Has anyone figured out the solution to this?

Would be great if Skrill allowed IBAN/BIC for the United Kingdom dropdown option.

As far as I can tell, you can’t select another country for the Revolut card, just UK.