Siri Shortcuts


With the introduction of Siri Shortcut in iOS 12, I would love to see Revolut implementing support for custom shortcut. For instance, I would like to be able to ask Siri “USD balance”, “NOK Balance”, “Freeze Main Card”, “Unfreeze Main card”, “Main card information” and so on.



But I think :r: would need to implement an API for personal accounts first



I’ve never known anyone that uses Siri, or Bixby for that matter. Do they actually work? Perhaps you would end up closing your account by mistake :wink:



A very interesting idea @BendikHa, but I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable with other apps/services accessing my Revolut account data and performing functions on it. It’s one thing Revolut pushing an app notification which can be displayed on the screen or read aloud by Siri/Alexa/etc, however I’d prefer that the app content wasn’t queried in the opposite direction.

That’s just my personal view - perhaps it’s an outdated attitude - however I can definitely see the appeal of using voice commands.



Under PSD2, Revolut has to build APIs for some of their core functionality anyway. Also, to make this PSD2 compliant, the user needs to be in full control about this kind of access.

Some basic Siri Shortcut scenarios also don’t need access to your financial data. It’s more like a voice controlled script language. The user stitches a number of actions together and then triggers it via voice command. One example would be:

  • “Hey Siri, topup!”
  • A form appears, the user puts in an amount and confirms

Besides voice activation, Shortcuts are also for proactive actions. Similar to the auto topup feature. Whenever a wallet reaches a certain low, Shortcuts could remind you to top up, for example. Or it could remind you to make a transfer to a savings account when the salary is credited. Or it could perform this: transfer everything above 300 GBP at the end of the month to a savings account.

It is basically a IFTTT system, integrated into iOS. Revolut can make sure that transfers need further confirmation before they are executed. They would have to do that anyway under PSD2, where 2FA is mandatory for larger transactions.



Thanks Frank, that’s a great explanation of the relevant requirements and legislation. The voice-triggered or condition-activated scripts make sense, and it’s reassuring to know that additional input and/or confirmation would be necessary.



You are so very right. I just got an email from N26 last week asking me to set a custom command to know balances with Siri.
I wish Revolut gives us the pleasure of the same, very soon!