Simplify SEPA bank transfers

I really wish Revolut had an easier way to handle good old SEPA transfers. In Germany it’s still common to transfer money via SEPA transfers, even when buying online. Right now it’s quite painful to execute a single bank transfer with a beneficiary that I’ll most likely transfer to only once. First I need to create a new beneficiary and then separately transfer the amount and then I can delete the unnecessary beneficiary.
Why so complicated? Every high street bank in Germany has a simpler process for this and the way Revolut handles this is just unsuitable for this type of transaction. Would love to see an option for a single transfer with minimum data input and taps required (enter IBAN, name, amount and reference and confirm).


Agree, and even more when you only have a mobile app. Typing on a keyboard or copy/pasting is way easier on a web app in your computer than on a mobile.

I understand the practicality of having all the functionality with you all the time, but most banks do offer a mobile app in addition to what they already have in their web app.

I also understand that this is a good way to generate marketing leads: “if you have :r: sending to another :r: is just one tap away” kind of thing.


and a checkbox whether you want to save that transfer template or not.
That would really improve the way of handling it.


I suspect this is a very germany specific issue? SEPA is pretty slow and most of us use credit och debitcards for online buys, buyer security is an issue with SEPA aswell. You simply dont get the same protection if you send money via SEPA straight to the seller.

If revolut starts supporting sepa instant credit transfer then the matter would be different i suspect, and as pointed out already in the thread: Revolut pitches instant transfers between :r: users, they probably dont want SEPA to compete with that?

I understand your point and see that the usage of SEPA for one-time transfers outside of Germany may be limited, but I still hope for some improvement on this side.

I like Revolut, but I can’t expect everyone I’m somehow in touch with to switch to Revolut and frankly I don’t even think this should be the case for the sake of decentralization and competition.

Revolut instant transfers are sweet, but having an independent and rather “open” standard for bank transfers, which will hopefully also support instant transfers across most banks in Europe, is just a nice thing to have.

Sepa Instant credit transfer i totally agree but as a buyer i would never personally use it for online buying, i always use creditcard, often combined with paypal for extra security. It’s hard, if not impossible to get your money back if a seller turns out not deliviering and you already gave them the money.

The fact that SEPA is in direct competition with revolut transfers makes their incentive to simplify the process pretty unlikely so don’t get your hopes up about it is all i say.

I sure as hell don’t want to share my phone number with everybody I have to do a financial transaction.

Edit: :r: also supports GBP fast transfers

+1 !

Agreed! It would be great to start as a simple transfer order and an option to choose if it’s useful to save it for future transactions or not. Instead of doing it the hard way by default.

Oh no, i see your point very well. I refuse to let :r: access my contacts no matter how many nag screens they put in the app about how wonderful it is. I once allowed it on a previous phone before i knew how f…ed up they handle privacy and it managed to break my contacts in android for good it seems. No matter how many times i now clean my contactslist duplicate empty contacts keep poping up in the android contacts.

+1 This is already offered by all banks. Why does Revolut make it so hard?

+1 and here in Finland we do a lot of Sepa transfers too.

One time payments should not require me saving the beneficiary details first.

Also Revolut should add support for Sepa creditor reference field on the payment form. Its a standard way for the creditor to reconciliate the paid sum to the invoice that was paid. Its just a simple field that takes a value like RF4834128 which is shown in the invoice that is paid.

The current note field is not enough as it goes as normal text to the receiver and not as the real payment reference number.

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