Simplesurance very bad experience

I have insured my Galaxy S10 Plus almost a year ago as soon as I have received. When I was insuring my device it wasn’t yet on the list and I was asked to add details manually what I have done. Few days ago I have dropped my phone and screen cracked so I have contacted Simplesurance and they told me that I didn’t pay enough premium. I was paying around 6 PLN a week but they cancelled my certificate on revolut and asked me to pay 600 PLN for a year which is a lot higher from what I use to pay, what is more interesting when I go to my revolut account and do the quote again to insura my phone is still saying around 6 PLN a week. I wouldn’t recommend this insurance to anyone, after my experience, I have done my research after all that and there are very bad reviews up there about Simplesurance. The other thing I have find out about them is that they have repair center in Lithuania which must take ages to repair the phone anyway.