Simple top up from mastercard failed and unresponsive support - is this the future Revolut is selling?


Having read a few interviews with the CEO and about company culture, about what they were trying to do and how they are a ‘get **** done’ company I thought I should give Revolut a try. If they are doing things better than high street UK banks why not?

After loading £5 when I got the card to check it was all working, I just tried to top up £500 with my credit card via ApplePay and the ApplePay notifications said the payment went through but Revolut says ‘top-up declined. Please contact support for more information.’

Ok, so I try to contact support - first chat to the useless chatbot Rita who is no help and wants to close the chat immediately. Then say ‘live agent’ and told there is a wait of 4 hours! During which the status of the £500 is unknown? I called Natwest (30 seconds wait to talk to a real human) who confirms to me the payment has gone through, so I am left waiting for Revolut to get back to me when they can get around to it.

At this stage I am not that worried about losing my £500 - I hope that somehow it will either end up back in my Natwest account or in my Revolut account once Revolut can be bothered to have a look at it - but in terms of responsiveness and services available, I somehow thought these guys were trying to improve on the high street banking service available? Certainly from the interviews on the company and culture the CEO gives the impression this is a new generation of financial service? It would help if they could get the basics right…


I’m really surprised with the response times of customer service. They say it’s live chat and waiting times are hours. There has to be some efficient way to deal with customer queries as this is online entity. My account locked and no body responds to messages.


It’s terrible. At the very least they should acknowledge your message. And even when you do get a response, the standard of service leaves a lot to be desired. It looks to me that Revolut is becoming a victim of its own success.


With all that crypto-currency stuff they are biting off more than they can chew and making things worse for everybody


Kairav, I did wonder if the crypto stuff was affecting regular business. If it disrupts basic customer support for business-as-usual they clearly weren’t ready for it yet. Although it sounds from other comments that it might not be that unusual.

Over the medium term if it ends up easier for high street banks to build decent apps than for Revolut to get decent customer service it’s not going to end well for them. As a consumer who wants more decent choices I hope they can get their act together.


Revolut as an idea is different from high street banks who restrict themselves to one country and currency . may be for constant income revolut wanted to jump into crypto but looks like scale of support team is far from the problems customers are facing.