Simple feature request: document with (only) account IBAN

Many times, we need an “official looking” document with the account IBAN (and only that information). Something like an statement, but with the IBAN and only that.

It would be great if, for example, under Profile → Account → Documents there was an option to create this document.


Hi @miguelcosta :wave: and welcome to the :r: community.

Thank you so much for this suggestion. At Revolut we are continuously working to stream our products to deliver WOW so stay tuned :smiling_face:

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Isn’t this visible on your statements. Which is an official document in form?

The problem with the current statements is that you’re also disclosing information about your purchases, transfers, etc.

What I ask for is a simple document, with Revolut’s logo, and details like address, etc, and with the user’s details and the IBAN so that it can be used as a “proof of account”.

In Portugal - and I assume in many other countries as well - this is required for many purposes:

  • employment
  • utilities
  • setting up a direct debit
  • etc.
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In France, this is called a RIB.
RIB stands for relevé d’identité bancaire, meaning ‘statement of banking identity.
This is what one looks like:

Something printable like that would be just perfect.


You shouldn’t really deal with companies who you don’t want to see your information. You can lawfully truncate or blank out any transactions or just snip the top of the statement for simplicity.

Why should I bother in truncating or blanking out any information from a bank statement, if this is easily generated by the bank ? All Portuguese banks, for example, have that possibility.

Also, my personal transaction history is, well, personal. No one needs to see where and how I spend my money.

Here’s a guess: Portuguese banks offer it, because it’s common in Portugal. I don’t think it’s necessary in many countries. We’ve learned about France as well. If it would be a basic feature everywhere, it’s more like like that Revolut would offer it, and it would be a more common feature request here.

If more people report it as a feature request, it becomes more likely that Revolut puts it on the road map.

Revolut’s track record in individualising its core product for specific markets isn’t super good, but they do it in some instances. So finger’s crossed.

Here’s what I would do: tap on a single transaction and download the statement for it. Deleting then just one line of personal transaction data is easier.


How might that be best achieved - I see no dissenters in this topic for the idea but equally no call to action seems to have been actioned from the centre.
@Mariana_Rodrigues may have a view as to how this can be progressed perhaps :thinking:

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When the language setting of the app is English, the support section has a form specifically for feature requests that I use.

Besides that: If I am serious about any request, I contact support directly and ask them specifically to forward it as a feature request for example. I am not sure if that’s more effective, but it should be.


I second this suggestion. Tbh I wanted to post it for a week now.

All banks in France offer this. A PDF document that you can send to people so that they have your informations. It’s very frequent that job applications demand a PDF document including your IBAN.

So far, the closest thing Revolut offers for this, is the Account confirmation PDF. But it contains my LT AND my FR IBAN, and I’m pretty sure it has already caused messups.

It would be a really cool adjunction to be able to download/share (messaging apps ? e-mail ?) such a document directly from our account, like when we click the Euro symbol, next to the plain text banking informations.



It would be a really cool adjunction to be able to download/share (messaging apps ? e-mail ?) such a document directly from our account …

You can already share your banking information via messengers and email. Click on the 3 points menu on the main screen below your balance, then hit “details” and from there you can share every single information or the whole package. I don’t see the point, why you explicitly want to share this in PDF format.

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I’m familiar with the Revolut interface and I know this is a possibility.

As mentioned in my message, it’s very common for companies/public administrations to demand a PDF document containing our banking informations. It’s why every bank in France offers this service. It would be really useful for such cases.


Interesting. I see you are based in Berlin - do banks in Germany not have similar to the French RIB for account confirmations?


You could talk to your branch and ask them for an account confirmation letter, and they can provide this. A standardized form like the RIB does not exist in Germany. There’s no need for it.

(My theory: most regions don’t have them. I would expect far more feature requests from Ireland for example, where Revolut is very popular.)


Perhaps that shows just how well regulated France is in that case - no RIB = no pay = better security :thinking:


I don’t see how this form provides additional security. PDFs are very easy to fake. IBANs have a checksum, that prevents you from typos, like providing a wrong IBAN to your employer.

RIBs are just a formalized way of writing down account informations. What’s the level of extra security they provide?

It’s just a tradition, I believe. If a creditor would need additional account confirmation, it could be done via APIs. That would not only confirm the account but also verify your identity.


I don’t know, I’ve never needed such a bank statement and I’ve never seen such a form in the online banking portal or the app of several german banks. Here in Germany you provide your bank details to everyone who needs it via online form, telephone, email, letter, messenger, whatever, no need to send an official looking bank statement to anyone. To allow direct debit you have to fill in a so called “SEPA Mandat” with your bank details and your sign for every authorised organisation.

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