Simple doubts - Revolut in Hungary


Hi everyone.

I’m moving to Hungary next week.

Then I would like to know if it is possible to use the account in Revolut to receive my salary and all the most common banking services (transfers, withdrawals and debit card).

I would also like to know if I can send money from my country of origin or send it there (I am Brazilian) by revolut or transferwise.

Thank you all!


Hi Raphaloi,

I can use my card in Hungary without any issues. While you can use your EUR IBAN to receive your salary, Hungarian employers like to stick to local bank account numbers when they pay you so if you will be an employee of a Hungarian company then it would worth checking with them if they are happy to pay you to your IBAN.

I don’t think there would be an issue sending money to yourself from your country of origin. I used to topup my Revolut with GBP from my own UK bank account then spend the money in HUF in Hungary. Make sure your Revolut account is fully verified before travelling.

Enjoy your time here :slight_smile: