Sim replacement for a single trip. ta.

Hi All,
Sorry for the simple question from a newbie, but I promise I have hunted here for the answer here, think I have the answer but not quite sure… Hence would like to check the community knowledge…

My daughter and I have recently signed up to Revolut, so this whole concept of not having anyone to call and running everything through the App does appear to have a couple little issues.

Anyway, Q1… My daughters phone number is with EE, who charge a fortune for roaming use in the US. So, she will be getting a PAYG sim from 3 for a 3 weeks trip to the US, hence she will have a different phone number (although in the same phone) for this trip. Obviously she wants to keep using her Revolut card and have access to her Revolut account. Can someone please confirm that all she has to do is the following:
Access the app and then go … “More tab… Profile… Personal details… Phone number, press the pen symbol and then enter her new sim phone number and confirm”.
Now switch phone off and replace the sim with her new 3 sim card and new phone number. Switch phone on… and hey-presto… login into Revolut normally again. Hence she now has full access to her account while using this new phone number and sim card.
Then on return from her 3 week trip, go through the same process but o return her phone back to her original phone number and EE contract. ??
3 have some great roaming deals with data at the moment.

Q2… If she loses her phone what is the process for being able to see her balance or add money to her card. Can she use a travelling companion to log into her account??

Thank you all very much.
Best regards, T7

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I’m sorry to drag this topic up if you’ve already gotten your answers elsewhere or if you’ve already had your trip, Triple7, but here are the answers you were looking for at the time of your post!

Great to see that you and your daughter have signed up, may many more delve into Revolut and be sucked in by the lack of fees abroad and the lack of hassle that’s associated with the traditional banks.

  1. Your daughter could get the SIM and just insert it into her phone without any issues :eyes: she wouldn’t be required to change phone number. I would recommend that she takes the SIM in her purse in some form of holder, as its probably best to have a backup that she can receive texts to (incase she loses her phone during the trip, and needs to log in from a different device). She wouldn’t be logged out for having a different number at all.

  2. If she loses her phone you would be able to log in from another phone providing you had the SIM to receive the text to. This is why I recommended using the Pay as You Go US SIM while abroad and then keeping her EE one in her purse.