SIM Card Lost

Hi my SIM card is lost, how am I able to use my account as it requires the verification? (Even if I want to add my new phone number

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You should get a replacement card with the same number.


I am still travelling so I can’t get the replacement card yet. Is there a solution in the meantime to add my new number during my travels?

Have you tried to log in via the website rather than the app? It first asks to confirm in the app, but if you wait a few seconds it also allows to verify by sms (which is not useful to you) or email link. I never had to change my phone number, so don’t know if you can just do it yourself, but at least you’ll be able to chat to support.


On the first login screen, you should see the link “Lost access to my phone number”. Did you tap on that? The app will ask you eventually to provide a new phone number.


I tried to log in online and although it let me bypass the phone verification, it wouldn’t let me transfer money to someone.

And I don’t see the option of ‘lost access to my phone number’ on the app?

Is there another way?

Hi @lmorley :wave:

Just like @Frank mentioned, you should see an option with “Lost Access to My Phone Number” that will guide you in the app to update your number and login :smiling_face:

If you do not see this option, make sure your app is up to date with the latest version, and that you have a strong wifi/network connection :iphone:

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