Sim card change (diferents mobile number when I travel)


can I change the card sim when I go abroad?
I spend many time in differents countries and I have diferents mobile numbers.
I’m afraid to block the app.
Is it necessary to changue the mobile number in the section perfil?
what happen if I don’t changue my phone number in section perfil?
Does the app still working with a different SIM?
what’s the guideline to do this. How can I do?
Thanks in advance


I’m also interested in an answer to this - I would mostly using Revolut while on holidays/travel - I usually swap the SIM for a local sim on my main phone for local data access and put my original sim on a dumb old phone…


When I last travelled to Egypt I did the same (Insert my UK SIM into an old phone, Egyptian SIM into my actual phone). Revolut worked fine.

However, I had the same experience with WhatsApp (it kept working) while a friend of mine was forced to reset their WhatsApp with their temporary SIM when travelling around the same time, so there is a chance that this sort of thing might be phone dependent…


Looking at the FAQ and at the app I suppose that if one simply changes the SIM without “logging out” then the app will continue to function on the phone.

As far as I can see the app checks the number with an SMS confirmation when “logging in” - in that case if the original SIM is in another phone then SMS messages can still be received and entered to confirm login. But I don’t know if the app actually checks the SIM in the phone after login in any way and whether it may stop functioning afterwards if the SIM changes.

However it could be a solution if Revolut would allow several mobile phone numbers to be associated with the account - but not sure what the implications of this would be on their business model, especially if the numbers are across multiple countries, some potentially without Revolut service. Maybe have a “main” number and several “secondary/alternative” numbers?