Silver Gold to buy hurra!! Spread 3-5% are you crazy??

Hi very happy to see Gold and Silver in Revolut!!
But who should buy it if sby want to sell you offer a bid in silver 5% lower or in gold 3%…
This absolutely not Revolut(inery)… Camon you should offer like in FX tiny spreads… or at least more normal. This is not for normal Revolut users - maybe who is less knowledgeable… Sorry this is a flop… Im dissapointed

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I still don’t see that, As usual it’ll be location based, I guess. Iam in Poland where are you at?
Following the topic

Austria. Guess Poland excluded ask Rev why…

My test buy confirms a little above 4%.
It is a problem since FAQ tells the markup is 0.25% (or 1% outside trading time).