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Hoping someone can help!

I have downloaded the app, and filled in info to ‘sign up’ only when I go to login it won’t recognise my passcode? It is definitely the correct one.

Is there a waiting time between signing up and being able to access the app account?

I really want to get it done so I can ask for a card to be sent to me as soon as possible…which leads to my next question.

Is there an estimated time for when the cards will be printed and sent out?

I realise there is a delay at the moment and was wondering if there was a rough time frame. I’m leaving for India in two weeks and was hoping to have it for then.




Hello @mikymuk

Thank you for your interest.

Just to clarify that there’s a small waitlist at the moment due to high demand for our cards. You will receive an email once we have available cards to set up your account and order your card.

Unfortunately we cannot provide a specific timeframe, but it won’t last long. We’re making our way through the waitlist at the moment to get everyone on board.

Thank you,

Andreas K


I’ve had the same problem. I can’t even get the app working I’ve given all my details and set a pin and still doesn’t sign me in. Having read all the feedback and this it doesn’t look that great. They are not even answering me in the chat centre. Not good at all, nobody is helping.
And I’ve seen this answer copy pasted a few times now…


Hi @Picklezzz,

Really sorry to hear.

At the moment, you cannot sign up and create an account. You can only register your interest. You will receive an email letting you know that you can now complete the sign up process and order your card.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


I have the same problem - passcode is not accepted. I have now created 2 accounts with the same phone number but different email addresses so what will this do?


same issue, should I wait if I only want the virtual card?


Sorry for my delayed response. No need to worry as you don’t have an account yet. You only registered yourselves on the waitlist.

@Colziale unfortunately yes :slight_smile:


8 days waiting… Hoped to have my card during my next week travel to London…


Hi @mikymuk, @Picklezzz, @EtH and @Carlos

Good news, you can now open a Revolut account; the waiting list has been cleared. Simply open the Revolut App, tap ‘Sign Up Now’ and order a RevolutCard straight to your door!

You can now spend globally with the real exchange rate; transfer 23 currencies without the ridiculous fees; and instantly send or request money from friends.

Thanks for your patience; we can’t wait to have you on board.


Hi Andreas,

That’s fantastic news!

I am in India now, can I order my card to come here where I am staying?




Hi @mikymuk,

Yes sure you can! You can order the card to anywhere in the world, from the card section on the app! The app will let you know the est. date and price.


I am also having problems signing in - each time I do the app asks for my mobile number, I tried asking the in app help but was told its a security thing - my daughter also has an account with Revolut but does not need to enter her mobile number to sign in, why am I being asked for mine each time???



Hello @landylady,

Let me clarify that if you log out then in order to log in you will need to log in with your registration phone number.

However, you can use the and simply close it after without log out so you keep yourself logged in.


Hi Andreas, Thank you for that - I thought I had to log-out everytime but
your solution really helps, it was quite frustrating having to use my
mobile number as I can’t always remember it and have to search for it lol.


I understand. Just close the app if you’re not using it so next time you will need only to type your passcode to log in.


Hi, I was having problems with topping up, so I used the support chat from my phone app. A lady told me to log out from my profile, and now I can´t log in again. I put my phone number and it creates a new account.