Signed up to Premium

So I’ve signed up to Premium, wanted to make a purchase after topping up the card. Now have no access to the funds, since the card doesn’t work. I’ve checked all the security settings. Everything is fine, also the test transaction that the vendor uses to ensure the account works (a £1 debit, which is quickly reversed) worked. However, any subsequent purchase doesn’t.

Apparently Premium gets you access to a live agent, this isn’t a live agent, its a bot, if you persist or type live agent, then you will be told (or I was), you have a 2 hour wait.

How many people are going to keep their app open for 2 hours? This service is terrible. I want my money back and want to cancel this ‘Premium’ service, the only thing Premium about it is the 6.99 price every month for having an account.

Far better service from Monzo and that one is free.

Hi there.

As I can see an agent has responded to your query. I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please note, you have to type “live agent” so you can be escalated to our live support chat.

Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Andreas K.

That’s strange, I’ve never encountered that problem. Are you trying to make the purchase online?

Regarding the chat, I usually type ‘live agent’ and exit the app. I get a notification after a couple of hours with a response from an agent ie you don’t need to keep the app opened.