Signed up, No clue how to get a card though?


Just in the title, I have signed up, but I have not yet found a link to get a card, at no point have I been asked for my postal address. Do I have to have the app, my android phone only gets a bklank page at


For card order and registration you need the app

In the app after registration and KYC head to the cards tab

Upper right corner hit the plus (+) and choose the card you wish physical for delivery to youre home and virtual for online use only (uber, dominos…)


Is there any way to get a card without the App. I live in an area with no phone signal, and can barely justify owning an out of date phone, that is not supported by the app according to google play.


There is no web portal at this moment.
You need a phone you can register outside youre home thats not a problem.
There are android phones for arround 30$

You need a phone for register and check youre balance. For topup not you can wrote down youre IBAN.